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I'm Matthew Wisniewski.
I Do Web Design, SEO, and More!


I have been doing web development and design since I was only 10 years old. It was an early obession of mine - 20 years later, and it's grown into my life's passion.

I watched as from the internet grew from it's infantcy, through the 90s and the dot com bubble, and into the new millennium. I have witnessed the creation of the smart phone, TV, and all the like that have contributed to the growth of the web.

Through out that growth, I expanded my own knowledge and experience beyond web design and began to include print design, film/video editing, animation, and most recently, even dabbled in app development.

I've been based in Michigan pretty much my whole life. This state has been and will always be my home. I take pride in my home state, and I share a sense of family with all local business owners. Rest assured, I will do everything in my power to help other local businesses grow to their full potential and help the state thrive.

When I'm not working, you can probably find me posted up on my couch playing the Wii U or watching stuff on my Netflix account! I fancy a good craft beer, drink mimosas every Sunday morning, and one day I hope to be able to take a timeout from the grind to travel and enjoy life while I'm still fairly young.

I Can Do BIG Things For Your Business!

Why Choose Me?

As I stated in my biography, I have been working with computers since 1997 and have been in the industry for the past 13 years. I have the experience to brand your business with a well-crafted, fully customized website of your liking and help you hit your target demographics.

Unlike traditional advertising agencies, I only take on ONE project at a time. This means that until ALL of your requests are complete, I focus soley on you and you only. Those agencies also tend to have multiple people trying to handle different aspects of the project, which would seem better, but as someone who personally worked in one of these angencies, one of the biggest problems was always a lack of communication between the team and the people relaying the information from you, the client. When you choose me, you deal directly with me and I handle EVERYTHING - no more worries about miscommunication. That's not even the best part!

Traditional agencies will charge anywhere up to $200 per hour - you get me at just a fraction of the cost!! Don't settle for overpriced, stock photo filled, cookie cutter websites put together just to make a buck. Instead, get something made just for you, tailored to your liking, for cheaper than any where else in Michigan. If you have received a quote from another agency in the area - I will beat it.

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